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rosa rigosa hips
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Currently Hejgro is a miniature family run company specialising in foraged preserves. Having grown up in the Czech republic Pavla was often out foraging as a child in the countryside around her family cottage, she has brought this knowledge with her to the U.K and now based in the South West with Mark her partner, their children, (along with auntie Josie), she and her family have over the years have developed some very popular products.

We are motivated by the need for both naturally tasty and naturally healthy food and so it is that in the wild we can find edibles much higher in mineral and vitamin content than those commonly farmed. Modern day preserves will often be supplied with a number of unnatural ingredients which are less than healthy, this includes vast quantities of refined sugars.

Our home cooking choices as with the products we sell are inspired by a return to more naturally sympathetic lifestyles. In so keeping with this we have found our tastes have also matured away from the overly sweetened produce commonly found on the preserves shelf. Our customers and hopefully you will be relieved to find products free from modern taste enhancements or excess sweeteners, which instead let the full flavour of the natural ingredients work together in original ways.


Food made by wild edibles