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foraging walks near me
foraging walks near me


- Frequently Asked Questions -

Our short guide to help you get the most from your foraging walk

  • How does the sliding scale pricing work?
    Sliding scale pricing offers a service or product with multiple price points. These price points are set to make a product or service more accessible, and to help reduce financial barriers for people with different levels of income. People can chose the price point that best reflects their ability pay for a product or service, based on their individual circumstances. ​ “Supporter’s price” - the highest price, helps to cover the cost for those that may not be able to afford the full price themselves, and supports Hejgro to expand further its teaching offerings. Choose this level if most of these statements apply to you: ​ I meet my basic needs (food, housing, transport) every month without worry I would be able to buy coffees, new clothes or books, or go out each month I can afford a regular well being-related treatment or therapy Paying this price may be a sacrifice but will not create hardship. ​ “Default price” - the medium price range which reflects the average market price for equivalent events. Choose this level if most of these statements apply to you: I stress about affording food, housing, or transport each month but usually manage to I am employed or have access to savings If I budget I am able to buy some new items and thrift others Paying this price may be a sacrifice but will not create hardship “Low cost” - The lowest price that we can offer for those who couldn’t otherwise afford it. Choose this level if most of these statements apply to you: Meeting my basic needs (food, housing, transport) is a big worry and I don’t always manage to I am unemployed or underemployed and have no access to savings I am rarely able to afford to go out or buy new things I cannot afford to take time off without financial burden Paying the default price would cause me financial hardship. ​ If you can’t afford the lowest price, but are keen to learn, please drop me an email on the off chance that this course had a large numbers of supporters that could sponsor you, or perhaps to arrange a barter exchange.
  • Can I bring children and or dogs?
    You can bring children and dogs, as far as you can be confident that they’ll not cause nuisance to the other attendants. They remain your responsibility at all times and it will be up to you to resolve any difficulties with minimum disturbance to the group. ​ Children come always free and the family friendly walks are more accommodating for children. They’re welcome to play around or join in as they please and satisfy, or perhaps spark, their interest in wild plants and botany by connecting to their environment in a tangible way.
  • Cancellation and Refund Policy
    Due to limited places, we request that you cancel as soon as possible before the scheduled event. This gives us the opportunity to fill the places. You may cancel via email, please follow the contact link on the website. ​ All cancellations or date changes will incur a £2 processing fee. Cancellations made at least 30 days or more in advance of the event date, will receive a full refund. You can also change the date of your event (subject to availability) and claim or pay any outstanding balance. Cancellations made within 30 - 14 days will incur a 50% charge. You can also change the date of your event (subject to availability) and pay any outstanding balance. Cancellations made less than 14 days are non-refundable. You can enquire about changing the date of your event (subject to availability), and if there is anyone on the waiting list that can fill up your place, this may be possible. ​ If you’re unable to attend, you can always pass your place onto a friend free of charge, just drop us a line with their name and contact details. ​ If we have to cancel for any reason, you’ll be offered an alternative date which you may or may not accept. If you can not attend any alternative date offered we’ll issue a full refund.
  • Location, Terrain & Weather.
    The location is near Frome, roughly within 5 miles and is accessible via car or bike. In most cases the exact location will be revealed nearer the date and you’ll receive an email with all the info you need to know. We’re not trying to be secretive, but waiting to see which of our favourite foraging spots has got the best variety of plants in the time that the walk is happening. Exception being the Forage & Cook event, which is linked to the the lovely kitchen of the Green Heart ( a link to their web ), a beautiful and peaceful off-grid activity space in between Frome and Glastonbury. ​ Terrain can be varied and we don’t recommend these walks for people with accessibility issues. There can be hills, stairs or steps and narrow muddy paths. Please wear good footwear and adequate clothing. ​ The walk will happen even if it rains, we do however reserve the right to cancel in case of severe weather forecasts.

If you have any questions, then please CONTACT US.

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