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Plant Based Foraged Food

Foraged Vegan Food


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Wild Garlic Pesto

with hazelnuts and walnuts

vegan, gluten free, raw

Wild Garlic foraged in Frome and Glastonbury combines with: cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil (also grown in Frome), both hazelnuts and walnuts and just a dash of apple cider vinegar to give a uniquely British twist to a classic condiment. Use it with pasta to make the quickest exotic/local dinner guaranteed to impress, add it to sour cream or mayo to liven up a dip, or accompany cheeses on crackers or a range of bite-sized appetizers for your party.


Wild Garlic Salt

with sea salt

Wild Garlic is an excellent imuno-stimulant with many healing properties. Preserved in sea salt it makes a great seasoning for fresh vegetables or simple pasta dishes and can be used in cooking for a touch of extra flavour.


Pontack Sauce

with elderberries

gluten free, sugar free, vegan

A traditional Victorian recipe revived to celebrate the glory of Elderberries. The Elderberries are cooked for days at a low temperature infusing with the organic onions, spices and apple cider vinegar before being hand pressed and left to mature. It creates a wonderfully simple and subtly fruity, spiced vinegar (or gentleman's sauce) that, in small quantities, adds a lovely depth of flavour to gravy, soups, marinades, dips, salad dressings and other sauces. Use it like a vegan friendly Worcestershire Sauce or a lightly spiced and fruity balsamic.

apple & hawthorn small.jpg

Apple and Hawthorn Jelly


sweetened with apple concentrate

gluten free, vegan

The berries are handpicked and prepared then slowly, gently infused with the other ingredients to result in a deliciously simple flavor with original but subtle undertones of the hawthorn. Perfect with turkey, chicken or nut roast, or try it with pancakes, toast, cheese, cake or ice cream to give your favorite indulgence a sin free embellishment.



Dandy Root Chutney


with dandelions and nettle

gluten free, refined sugar free, vegan

Dandelions and Nettles are ferociously abundant British superfoods under used in our diet. We've used dandelion root foraged from a pesticide free farm, Vallis Veg in Frome which has then been nail-brushed clean, soaked and dehydrated (so as to remove the excessive bitterness) and prepared with carrot, onions and fennel. This deliciously surprising chutney contains no added sugar -being sweetened naturally with a blend of dried fruits only. There is no added sugar and all non foraged ingredients are certified organic. The undertones behind the typical sweet and sour chutney blend are hints of mint and fennel which lovingly carry the hint of the bitter root. It's a Dandy!



Elderflower infused Vinegar


with live apple cider vinegar

gluten free, sugar free, vegan

Organic apple cider vinegar infused for months with fresh Elderflowers. This is spring in a bottle! The delicious smell of flower vinegar makes a great addition to salad dressings. It can also be taken as a tonic with a glass of lukewarm water to flush the body of toxins. Enjoy the immune boosting qualities of Elderflowers.