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Apple and Hawthorn Jelly

Apple and Hawthorn Jelly

Sweetened with apple juice concentrate. Gluten-free, vegan

Gluten-free, refined-sugar-free, vegan
An easy way to absorb the goodness of haws is by having our Apple and Hawthorn jelly as an accompaniment in a range of hot and cold breakfasts, dinners and desserts. The slightly sweet and mildly tangy notes of the jelly add a lively top note to a dish, complementing both savoury meat recipes and sweet desserts.

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Hawthorn is probably the most abundant and widely used herbal heart medicine in Europe. Whether you have a high or low heart rate, hawthorn can regulate it. As a diuretic, it allows the body to let go of excess fluids, relieving pressure on the heart. It also dilates the coronary arteries which supply blood to the heart muscle, so more blood and oxygen can get through, keeping the heart muscle healthy. Hawthorn also dilates blood vessels in the rest of the body and supports circulation to the periphery, which means it can be effective in warming cold hands and feet. Through all of these mechanisms it can reduce high blood pressure.

Hawthorn is also a beautiful connective tissue tonic. Most of the tissues in the body are connective (in blood, fascia surrounding the muscles, and skin) and hawthorn supports the collagen in those. We can get very concerned about high levels of cholesterol in our blood. The health risk here is often not so much the level of it as whether it sticks to the inside of the blood vessel wall, potentially causing a blockage and leading to a heart attack. Hawthorn looks after the integrity of the blood vessel walls and reduces inflammation of the vessel lining, making it less likely cholesterol will stick.

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Drinks Tip: Brandy would be a traditional alcohol for a tincture using hawthorn berries. Alternatively they can be simmered (fresh or dried) for 30 minutes and then strained, for a relaxing herbal tea.

Ingredients: Hawthorn berry infusion** (58%), Apple juice concentrate* (40%), Lemon Juice*, Agar-Agar*
*certified organic, **foraged

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