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Vegan, gluten free, raw


The raw pesto with a great garlicky kick, winner of golden Taste of the West award 2021. 
Wild Garlic foraged in Frome combines with cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil grown and produced in Somerset, both hazelnuts and walnuts and just a dash of apple cider vinegar, to give a uniquely British twist to a classic condiment. Use it with pasta to make the quickest exotic / local dinner guaranteed to impress, add it to sour cream or mayo to liven up a dip, or accompany cheeses on crackers or a range of bite-sized appetizers for your party. Makes incredibly tasty fried mushrooms or great pizza base topping. This raw pesto has a great garlicky kick, but mellows down when cooked.


Wild garlic, foraged in Frome, is combined with cold-pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil, hazelnuts and walnuts. A dash of apple cider vinegar is added to produce a uniquely British twist to a classic condiment. Our pesto has a high wild garlic content - almost one half of the jar is garlic.

Ingredients: Wild Garlic** (47%), cold pressed rapeseed oil, hazelnuts* (8%), walnuts* (8%), apple cider vinegar*, sea salt, coconut palm sugar*
*certified organic, **foraged

Wild Garlic Pesto with hazelnuts and walnuts. Vegan, gluten-free and raw. 130g

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