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Food made by wild edibles
Welcome to Hejgro!

Bringing you award winning foraged preserves made with local natural ingredients from Somerset woods and meadows. In the wild we can find food high in mineral and vitamin content. When you eat wild food you eat food with nutrients at their peak.

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Hejgro Foraged vegan plantbased HOME BANNER.jpg
Hejgro Foraged vegan plantbased HOME 1.jpg
  • Minimally processed and no refined sugar

  • All our food is vegan and gluten free

  • Balms made with herbs traditionally used for healing 

  • Using locally foraged and sourced organic ingredients where possible


We are a small family run business based in Frome, Somerset.

Hejgro Foraged vegan plantbased HOME BANNER 1.jpg

Say hello to Pavla, thats me! Yes I am the team. Ok I admit it, I get helpers during the busy seasons but other than that I create the recipes, I do the foraging, the cooking, the packaging, the customer service, the sales, all of it. 

In Hejgro we not only forage locally, but also try wherever possible to source all our ingredients organically and as locally as possible, taking in account the food miles and our carbon footprint. All our food is 100% vegan, contains no gluten or refined sugars.

Hejgro Foraged Food

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