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forage farm shop

Wild Garlic Salt

Wild Garlice Salt

Vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free

Wild garlic salt is fabulous for seasoning meat - sprinkle either on steak before grilling, on other BBQ meats or into a stew. It is particularly good on roast potatoes and fries. You can elevate a slice of good bread and butter with a pinch of garlic salt, add it to tomato soup, salads and dressings, or sprinkle atop scrambled, boiled or poached eggs. Season fish before it goes under the grill, or add to chicken before oven-baking. 

forage farm shop
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Really, wild garlic salt can be added to any dish or snack where you want a little kick of garlic flavour. Not forgetting, of course, that salt is an excellent preservative, vegetables can also be pickled in wild garlic salt and water, or meat can be rubbed with garlic salt and dry-cured.

Stored at room temperature, Hejgro Wild Garlic Salt will last 2 years.

Ingredients: 66% sea salt, 34% wild garlic*
* foraged

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